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4 Benefits of Making Video Surveillance Service Oriented (Surveillance SOA)

Making video surveillance service oriented is a great way to upgrade business security.

A service oriented strategy for the security business (Surveillance SOA) is a great way to achieve more convergence between devices. Convergence now goes beyond merging multiple types of media on a shared network. These technologies need to be constructed so that they all can be manipulated and operated through one communication system. Here are four benefits of making video surveillance service oriented.


A surveillance SOA will allow regular elements of a surveillance system to automatically grasp how to communicate and share data once registered into the system. The foundation of the communication will always remain the same even if various vendors are using it differently.

Open Access

While a cloud based approach to video surveillance allows videos to be streamed through different device, it’s done so in a way that can slow down how easily people can access it. With a surveillance SOA, it would be easier to validate users and establish a connection for devices to be linked to video surveillance.

Better Interaction with Video-Related Apps

A lot of companies now want to integrate their video surveillance systems with video analytics, point-of-sale systems, and loss prevention systems in order to use the surveillance to increase business as well. A surveillance SOA system would merge all of these elements together as one shared service so that all the data will already be there for businesses to use.

New Application Opportunities

As mentioned before, companies want to be able to use video surveillance for more than just watching what is going on in the building. A surveillance SOA system gives businesses to manipulate aspects of their business through video surveillance. It will allow them to be alerted when a certain areas get too congested or be informed of traffic patterns within the building. This is really helpful for marketing purposes and making for a better consumer and employee experience. They will not only be able to view these patterns and trends, but will also have the ability to immediately share them with other employees and even customers through applications and mobile devices.

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