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The Benefits of an Automated Visitor Management System

An automated visitor management system makes it easy and quick to keep track of who is entering your building!

Visitor management systems speed the flow of visitors, enhance the Visitor’s experience, increase security, and reduce costs. They can operate on any PC, tablet, or smartphone and can work directly with your Microsoft Outlook calendar or gmail. Visitors can perform self-registration to check themselves in, as well as have a visitor pass printed out automatically. Visitors can also have a map or directions to their destination location emailed to them upon registration. Here are some more great benefits of an automated visitor management system for your business!

Safety & Security

The security of your business and employees is so important in ensuring its success. An automated visitor management system easily keeps track of who is coming inside of the building quickly and accurately. This helps to protect employees from potential intruders and other unauthorized people from entering the building.


An automated visitor management system is so much more efficient than the old fashioned paper system. Using a paper sign-in method leaves room for error because paperwork can get lost or people may provide the wrong information. An automated system utilizes cameras, scanners, and updated software to screen all your visitors and register them. This also improves the efficiency of the front desk, keeping lines and wait times to a minimum,

Customer Satisfaction

With improved efficiency will also come improved customer satisfaction for all guests and client coming into your place of business. An automated visitor management system allows for visitors to be pre-registered, making it quick and easy to get them checked in and where they are supposed to be. If a client is scheduled for a meeting, all of the details can be put in ahead of time so that all they have to do is check in and be taken care of. There is also an option to send confirmation emails with directions and any other instructions attached to really show customers that you care.


A high quality visitor management system is going to be highly flexible, meaning it can be customized and adjusted to fit your business’s specific needs. You can add more memory and storage to an automated visitor management system as well as change the settings for how clients should sign in. This is great for business expansion or remodeling because it allows your system to grow with your business.

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