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The Benefits Of Commercial Video Surveillance

The Benefits Of Commercial Video Surveillance

Surveillance is a necessity, as almost all businesses operate with a system in place.

Surveillance is a necessity, as almost all businesses operate with a system in place. Especially with advancements in technology every year, it’d be foolish to pass up on the clarity a video surveillance system provides. If you make a pros and cons list for it, you’ll find all pros, and that list will start with security. Video surveillance gives you and your company peace of mind. While security is the primary reason for implementing it, there’s also a variety of other factors that can benefit a company.

Reduce Invasion

The main purpose for video surveillance is to curtail any theft or loss that could potentially take place. It’s the obvious benefit, but it can’t be overstated. With how clear today’s images are, it makes it easier for companies to pursue charges if someone invades the property. Not only that, but It’s the most effective deterrent of theft. Whether it’s external or internal, the presence of cameras makes it difficult for anyone to even consider stealing.


Productivity in the workplace is imperative. It’s something many may not realize or think about, but a video surveillance system can actually increase the efficiency of employees. They’re more likely to stay committed to their assignments because of the constant eye in the sky. It’s not necessarily an authoritarian thought process, it’s just ensuring that work is being completed.

Intelligent Distribution

Instead of going through hours of footage, some video surveillance systems simply alert when there’s an increase in activity through movement patterns. This distributed intelligence is then collected and sent to those in charge of security, making for a much easier process. It’s also a feature that can aid in lowering overall costs with security.


Technology is becoming more integrated and automated, which is exactly the case with video surveillance systems. As long as you’re connected, you can access the video feeds from anywhere at any time. Remote monitoring means business owners can always have a level of comfort knowing that they can check in at any point. It also ensured that the system was current and backed up as well.

Considering Video Surveillance? S3 Integration Can Help You Install It

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