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CARD CLONING….And The Solution

125KHz proximity access control cards could be your biggest security threat. As with all technology, there is a large community that will try to find ways to hack it, proximity access control cards are no exception.

125KHz Proximity Cards are no longer secure.

They were introduced in the late 1980’s and became wildly popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  Making up the majority of access control credentials those with nefarious intentions were greatly motivated to find a way to compromise the technology. That leads us to today. You can go online to almost any search engine and type in “125KHz Hacking Device”. Your results will be extensive. You can buy them for as little as $10 and can clone cards at will.

The security industry has been trying to move away from these cards for many years and has been trying to encourage customers to convert to Smart Card technology which typically operates at 13.56MHz. The combination of these credentials and new readers use advanced encryption methods and contain secure memory sectors for other purposes like cashless vending and records keeping making them very attractive. They also provide technology that cannot be cloned. The issue, in the beginning, is that their cost was almost three times as much as 125KHz cards. Companies like HID, Farpointe Data and Allegion have introduced secure smart cards and readers at a price that are now more affordable than 125KHz. If you still have 125KHz proximity cards, please give us a call. We have multiple solutions to meet every budget and customer need. We have extensive experience in performing these conversions and can help you make your facility secure.

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