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What To Consider When Choosing Cameras For Your Video Surveillance System

Bullet cameras are one of many options you can choose for your video surveillance system.

When it comes to your business,  you want it to be as safe and secure as possible. Commercial videos surveillance is necessary in this day and age to ensure that your place of business is safe. It allows you to see everything that is going on in and around your building all while you sit in one room. You want to choose the best cameras and ones that are right for your particular security system. Here is what to consider when choosing surveillance cameras for your video surveillance system.  


You want the images on your surveillance cameras to come back crystal clear so that you can easily identify any suspicious people or activities. You want to look for a camera that shoots in at least 720p high definition. The only cameras that are capable of that right now are IP cameras, so those are your best bet if you want the best picture quality.

Frame Rate

The higher the frame rate of a camera, the smoother the video is going to be. Remember that video is just a series of still images put together. That means that if your frame rate is low, the video footage will be really choppy. 30 frames per second is considered to be real time video footage so that is the minimum you want to look for.


The model you choose for your camera is really just dependant on your specific security needs. Unlike resolution and frame rate, there is no definite option that is better than another. Some common models of surveillance cameras are the bullet cameras, which look like rectangular boxes and are typically attached to a wall. There are also dome cameras that often hang from the ceiling. Pan-tilt zoom cameras allow you to adjust the field of vision while the cameras are recording.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

If your business needs outdoor surveillance cameras, make sure you invest in cameras that are specifically designed for the outdoors. These cameras often have an extra layer of protection on them that makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions. If you don’t pay attention to this, dirt and water could interfere with the video quality or break your camera. Surveillance cameras designed for indoor use are not built to withstand any weather conditions.

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