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How To Enhance Your Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection is important in ensuring that your building is safe and secure.

Perimeter protection is a very important part of keeping your building secure. Implementing a security system on the exterior serves as a visual deterrent that in most cases prevents unwanted situations from occurring, but also detects those who are bold enough to still proceed. You want your perimeter security to be as accurate as possible so that you do not have to worry about false alarms. Here is how to enhance your perimeter protection.

Filter Outdoor Movement

Movement from the wind, trees, and small animals can trigger alarms with outdoor surveillance systems. With modern technology, cameras can be programmed to filter out certain images. You can set your cameras to ignore the natural movement that occurs outside. This will keep the accuracy of your perimeter protection a lot higher because there will be less false alarms.

Thermal Cameras

New processing features allow thermal cameras to be way more precise, making them great to use to enhance your perimeter protection. These cameras now notice smaller differences in temperatures between objects. This allows them to pay more attention to detail and provide a clearer image of the premises. Thermal cameras also don’t allow false alarms to be made because of headlights or the sun’s reflection.


This feature on cameras allow for filters to be set on the size of objects. This prevents the camera from thinking that a small object closer to the camera is bigger than a large object that is further away from it. With GPS, surveillance cameras will be more accurate with detecting the size of an object no matter where it’s location is. This makes the camera more accurate with identifying threats because even though an intruder may be off in the distance, the camera will still recognize it as a threat.

Avoid Blind Spots

The fact is that every camera has a blind spot. It is your job to position your outdoor surveillance cameras in a way that will eliminate any blind spots. If there is an area missed by all the cameras, your perimeter protection is not where it needs to be. You want each camera to overlap the blind spot of another one to ensure that every area of the premises is being covered.

Invest In Outdoor Equipment

You want to make sure that your equipment is durable because it will always be outside. A little extra money will give your outdoor surveillance a much longer lifespan. Cameras need to be able to withstand humidity, precipitation, and extreme temperatures. They sell equipment that is specifically designed to hold up against any possible weather conditions which will ensure that your perimeter protection equipment is in top shape, even during a storm.

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