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Four Benefits Of IP Cameras For Your Video Surveillance System

You want your business security system to be as efficient as possible. Here is why an IP camera will benefit your video surveillance system.

Analog cameras are becoming a thing of the past ever since IP (internet protocol) cameras were introduced. They are a great option for your business security system and will make it a lot easier to identify any areas of suspicion. Here are four benefits of IP cameras for your video surveillance system.


An IP camera has the ability to shoot footage between 1 and 5 megapixels. This means that your image quality will be incredibly clear, making it easy to identify any person in your surveillance footage. Analog cameras typically only shoot footage with about half of a megapixel. IP cameras also have a larger field of view than the analog camera.

Video Analytics

Video analytics are changing the dynamics of surveillance footage everywhere. This allows you to receive notifications to your personal devices if there is some type of threat detected, meaning faster action time. You can also set your IP cameras to automatically record if movement is detected. With video analytics, your business is still being watched and secured even after hours. If a threat is detected while you are home, an alert will simply be sent to your  phone, accompanied by the footage.

PoE Switches

IP cameras can be connected to Power over Ethernet switches, which sends data from the camera while also giving power to it. With an analog camera, you have to invest in two separate devices; One that will transfer the data and another one that acts as a power source. This means that set up will be more complicated and take up more space. PoE switches allow for easier set up and are also a more secure way to transfer data from the cameras.

System Cost

Though IP cameras are going to typically cost you more than analog cameras, the entire IP system ends up being less than an analog system. This is because IP cameras have a larger field of view and less equipment is required to set them up. That means that you can purchase fewer IP cameras and it will still cover the same amount of ground as a higher number of analog cameras.

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