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Be Secure With S3 Integration

Be Secure With S3 Integration

We serve a wide variety of industries, and if you value complete security management solutions, cost-effective services, high-quality initiatives, and superior performance, then S3 Integration should be your company of choice.

Welcome to the new blog of S3 Integration. Created in 1996, we strive to provide the best integrated security management systems, life safety systems, IT solutions and services. Located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region with offices in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond, and Charlotte, we also have national availability through the Professional Security Alliance network. The biggest difference we offer is experience. S3 Integration has the unique ability to combine the power of a large corporation with the feel, support, and attention of a smaller company. The goal is to prioritize the interests of our customers, and through that we simultaneously focus on the interests of our employees, communities and investors as well. We serve a wide variety of industries, and if you value complete security management solutions, cost-effective services, high-quality initiatives, and superior performance, then S3 Integration should be your company of choice.

Solutions We Offer

Security Systems

S3 Integration specializes in offering a variety of systematic solutions. Today, security systems are more important than ever. As technology advances in all fields, security becomes more imperative by the day. With an incredible amount of experience, the S3 team has worked on projects that range from large corporations to government agencies. Our security systems are centrally monitored, combining different data points. We offer different styles of security systems, and each serves a unique function.

  • Through access control systems, you can control the entry and exit of people into your facility, as well as regulate traffic to restricted areas. If your property or business is breached, you’ll want hard evidence of the matter.
  • By installing a video surveillance system, you’re effectively preparing for any potential loss. Video surveillance is an absolute necessity for the minimization of safety and managing overall risk. S3I is capable of producing Video Management Systems (VMS) that successfully manage your IP cameras throughout. No matter how large or small your business is, we can install and maintain a VMS.
  • A simple photo ID badging system will maintain that visitors to your property are properly screened. With quick-printing badge services and secure credential systems, you won’t have to worry. In addition to video surveillance, we also offer alarm systems, allowing you to receive full knowledge of what is happening within your building. If there’s an intrusion, you’ll know about it immediately.
  • Finally, part of our security system package is the option for perimeter protection, which ensures that you’ll be safe from external threats. Through a customized command center, you’ll have constant access to the surrounding areas.

Life Safety Systems

Building’s should be well-equipped for any potential life-threatening danger, and the best way to prevent that danger is by installing precautionary systems. S3 offers a plethora of life safety systems that ensures your employees are working in a safe environment.

  • Having a fire alarm system is crucial, because early detection can be the difference between complete safety and catastrophe. A fire alarm system will give you peace of mind, and in the event of an emergency, you’ll have an alert that will help you protect lives and equipment.
  • A mass notification system is critical in today’s society. With the amount of deadly events that occur, it’s important to have a system in place that notifies people of harm. Whether it be on college campuses, healthcare or industrial facilities, a communication system involving text alerts, voice sirens, intercom control and outdoor speakers can save lives.

IT Solutions

  • S3I offers a team of experienced IT professionals with the ability to cater to your IT needs. Our biggest function is network design. Network design is important, as it can make or break the productivity within your office. Through competent design, support, and security, we can effectively manage your technology. We’re also fully capable of offering remote managed services, which basically updates and monitors your software throughout the entire daily cycle. You’ll be leaving your IT in the hands of trained and skilled professionals, meaning you won’t have to worry at all. Our goal is to help your business run smoothly.

Services We Offer

While security systems, life alert systems, and IT solutions are the main areas we focus on, there’s more that goes into the process. Our objective is to make you and your employees feel safe and secure, and with that comes a lot of preparation.

  • Consulting is a major part of what we do, because it’s crucial to understand where you’re coming from, and how your property should be secured. It’s all about developing a plan, and once we complete that plan, then we’re on the right path. S3I conducts site surveys, risk assessments, provides security audits and develops identifiable action plans.
  • The engineering and design process is directly tied to the success of a project. We will collaborate as team to come up with common sense solutions for your layout. Our typical method is to provide a layered integrated security plan, giving you greater efficiency and effectiveness. Our designers will create mock drawings of the intended installations, and how they fit into the system. This allows you to gain clarity on our intentions, and how we plan to carry everything out. Our engineers provide detailed, customized views that are created with an in-house approach.
  • You won’t have to worry about organization, because we have a skilled project management team to ensure that goals are being met. We have a structured program to track progress, and you’ll work with one project manager throughout.
  • The system implementation is the most important part, because the actual technology is being installed. We make sure that our clients receive the best value by keeping them updated along the way. We aren’t in the business of cutting corners, and we’ll show you each spec for the project. The implementation process is monitored by the project manager. As the project and work begins, the manager will consistently meet with the team to make sure goals are obtainable and being met.
  • While the consulting and implementation stages are critical, the work does not stop there. We also offer services beyond installation, such as site support and maintenance. These two factors are crucial in ensuring a successful system. Your security is only effective if it’s functional, and support and maintenance take care of any complications.
  • Finally, we offer a remote management package that takes away any worry of having to monitor the system yourself. Instead of having a security system completely bought, we offer what is essentially a monthly package, where you pay for the services as you go. It’s a cost effective way that still maintains safety and security.

Trust S3 Integration

S3 Integration is business for your security needs. Offering integrated security management systems, life safety systems and IT solutions and services, S3 can design solutions to keep your people, your property, and your visitors safe. Through our Professional Security Alliance national network, we have over 300 branch locations with approximately 6,000 security professionals trained and ready to serve you. S3I has the unique ability to combine the manpower of a large national company with the service and commitment of a small privately owned business. Contact S3 Integration today, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and  LinkedIn.

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