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Three Ways Video Analytics Are Benefitting Commercial Video Surveillance

Video analytics are changing the dynamics of commercial video surveillance cameras everywhere.

Video analytics is the extraction of relevant information from digital video. This technology made it possible for things like virtual gaming and a rearview camera that will practically park your car for you. Now, amongst its many other uses, video analytics can be used to improve the quality of video surveillance. Commercial video surveillance has become a necessity, with almost all businesses having some sort of surveillance system incorporated into their buildings. Here are three ways video analytics are benefitting the quality of commercial video surveillance.

No Room For Error

Machines are bound to make mistakes at some point, as they are made by human beings. With advances in technology, the typically high error rate from past security video analytics is dropping rapidly. Facial recognition and motion sensor accuracy is now at an all-time high. This is a result of the implementation of machine learning and human assisted learning. Rather than following one set computer program, cameras can now “learn” and adapt to changing environments, which decreases false alarms due to outdated programming. Human feedback is also helping to lower the error rate. Instead of decreasing the sensitivity of the camera to eliminate a false alarm, people can now inform the camera of it and thus train it not to repeat mistakes.

More For Less

The processing power of a device is how capable it is of manipulating information. As video analytics transforms, the processing power of cameras is steadily increasing. Because of this and other technological updates, it requires fewer servers to run analytics which gives you more options for less money. Cameras are now able to be linked to multiple different applications. This “add-on” system, similar to the way you can download new apps on your phone, will allow you to upgrade and customize your video surveillance system without having to purchase a new one. We can now use commercial video surveillance to merge normal buildings into “smart” ones, manipulating technology throughout the building with a few clicks.

Business Intelligence

Video analytics possess features that can use commercial video surveillance for more than just security purposes. it can now enhance your place of work as well, collecting essential data for you. You can keep track of your employees and visitors without having to do any of the work. Video analytics technology makes it so that your surveillance cameras can do anything from count the number of people in a room to control the lighting throughout your building. Cameras now also have heat mapping capabilities which shows areas of high activity levels. For transport purposes, businesses can even use video surveillance to keep track of containers and commercial goods being shipped out. They can then keep consumers and other businesses updated on the whereabouts of their goods.  

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