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Which Type of Access Control System is Best for Your Business?

There is an access control system to fit any type of business!

Investing in an access control system for your business is a great way to improve the safety of your building and ensure that only the right people are entering. There are a variety of different types of access control systems depending on what type of business you own and what your specific security needs are. Here are a few common types of access control systems to help you decide which is best for your business.


One of the more high tech options, a bio-metric access control system utilizes fingerprint technology to allow or deny people access to a building. Not only does it use fingerprint access, but it also tracks and records the data of each visitor and employee that comes into the building, making it great for confidential and high security businesses. This type of access control system can be integrated into other software so that it’s easy to pull employee information from it for things like payroll.


This is one of the simplest access control systems because it is compact, cost-effective, and stands alone. Door access control systems are generally linked to a central location that makes it easy to grant or deny access. With these systems, there is typically a person responsible for letting people through the doors and a switch that will unlock all doors in the area. If you wanted to eliminate the middleman that grants access, a key card system can be used that requires employees to scan their cards in order to be allowed into the building.


This type of access control system isn’t meant to be used all of the time. Rather, a security access control system is to be enabled during the times where employees aren’t present in the building. This provides your business with an extra element of perimeter protection because even if intruders get inside, they won’t be unnoticed for long. These systems have motion sensors throughout them that activate a loud alarm sound when someone passes in front of it. There are monitored versions of these systems that will automatically send the signal to a 24 hour emergency service and the service will then contact you. With non-monitored systems, the system is set to automatically dial the police.

Cloud Hosted/Managed Access Control

With a cloud hosted or managed access control system, you can control all of your control devices online. This makes it possible to operate your system remotely and from multiple devices. A cloud hosted access control system gives you easy access to your history and visual verification can be done as well.

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