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What is SaaS and CASB?

Software as a Service allows data to be accessed from any device with internet connection!

As technology continues to improve, there are new ways to store and manage digital information. Saas, or Software as a Service, is a type of cloud software that allows data to be accessed from any device with internet connection. It is becoming more and more popular as businesses are trying to enhance their digital security, while also making it more efficient. CASB is a Cloud Access Security Broker, which helps to ensure the security of your SaaS software. Here is everything you need to know about SaaS and CASB.

The Value Of SaaS

Security as a Service is very easy to set-up and also makes it easy to collaborate with other organizations and businesses, as well as within the business itself. Research predicts that SaaS will significantly outnumber traditional software delivery. A third party provider hosts the applications and makes the accessible to people over the internet. They have applications suitable for all of your business needs including billing, sales management, and email, working with brands such as Microsoft and Oracle. With a software like this, security can be concerning because of how easy it is to share files with other people. There are companies that are storing very confidential data on this software, so ensuring its security is the number one priority.

The Emergence Of CASB

Due to the ongoing concern of the wrong information getting out, a CASB system was created. This software can access cloud based services and was designed to address any security gaps between various SaaS applications. Traditional security software is unable to keep up with the pace and number of SaaS applications. CASB uses three security functions:

  1. SaaS Usage Visibility: Being able to view and assess the usage and activity of each specific SaaS application
  2. SaaS Access Control: Controlling who has access to which SaaS applications
  3. Data-At-Rest: Allows an extra way for businesses to inspect content and data for threats

S3 Integration For All Your Security Needs

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