“Extreme Customer Service with Extreme Professionalism”


As a long time (30 plus years) employee of the Lockheed Martin Corporation (now contracted to Allied Universal) in the Security/Life Safety Department, many of those years as a Special Police Chief and Manager of 20 plus employees, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my respect and comfort with the S3 INTEGRATION Organization. S3 INTEGRATION began their work as the chief Security / Fire Alarm provider at the Lockheed Martin Properties, Inc. Middle River Campus in August of 2005. During this time, I’ve found the S3 INTEGRATION Organization to be very dependable and proactive. Their team is graced with a group of professional and knowledgeable technicians and service staff. We have had a myriad of “issues” over the years that have required unique and innovative responses and the S3 INTEGRATION team always delivers. Their chief concern is keeping our facilities systems up and running and in optimum operational readiness. The S3 INTEGRATION team works tirelessly to provide outstanding customer service and delivers first class results each and every day. I would not hesitate to recommend S3 INTEGRATION as your fire & security alarm service provider.
Philip Johnston, Allied Universal Security Site Lead
Lockheed Martin Properties, Inc. Middle River Campus

I am writing this letter of reference to recommend the services of S3 Integration. During the past 6 months, Roanoke College has been implementing a new door access system and S3 Integration was the local integrator used by the door access software company to install the hardware. We have been extremely impressed with the services received, professionalism, quality of work, and transparency of the S3 employees. They have been a pleasure to work with and the project lead from S3 kept the project on task through some challenges.

The S3 representatives worked on site for numerous weeks during which time they had unsupervised access to our Residence Halls. Their employees treated that access with respect and honored all security processes. As the project progressed, the project lead from S3 served as a buffer between us and the software company. He provided assistance through configuration challenges we encountered with the software company and was an advocate for us as the client while at all times still maintaining a professional approach. S3 maintained an open line of communication throughout the project and were very responsive to any questions we had or updates needed.

Not only did S3 have a high level of service, their quality of work was also superior. They made sure the little things were done to make the job not only function well, but also look nice. They evaluated situations to advise us on the best solution and really guided us through the project.

I feel the end result of our project was not just a job well done by a company, but a relationship built between Roanoke College and S3 Integration that will serve us well as we continue to grow and expand our door access system. I have no hesitation in providing a high recommendation for S3 Integration.
Terri Austin, Director of Client Services, Information Technology
Roanoke College

This letter is to serve as an acknowledgement of appreciation and a recommendation for the outstanding quality of service that your company has provided to Baltimore Washington Medical Center during the past two years. I was referred to your company by Ron Daniels, Director of Security at Maryland General Hospital. He was very impressed with the security cameras installed by S3 in their garages, which led to a reduction of the car break-ins at Maryland General.

Our project involved upgrading and migrating to a digital recording platform. The project was complicated to say the least. S3’s ability to work with the IT department and our cable installer was outstanding. Brian Piccolo, Steve Jones, and Marty Dunnigan helped design and install an incredible system. I have worked in the past with many Security Integrators. It’s difficult finding one that measures up to your dedication to providing outstanding customer service.

Your ability to provide solutions to difficult applications is short of amazing. Your entire organization has spent countless hours reviewing the project and solving complicated installation problems.

One of the greatest compliments came from one of the Anne Arundel county police detectives who were investigating a crime that occurred nearby. He was amazed at the quality images captured and the ease of operation of the video file. He wishes that everyone he deals with would switch to a system like ours.

Your competitive pricing structure has provided the Security department with more camera equipment than we expected.
Stan Mezewski, Security Director
Baltimore Washington Medical Center