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Consulting & Planning

The initial consulting and planning phases for your integrated security systems are critical to ensuring an effective result. At S3 Integration, we make sure every step of the process is completed properly so that you end up with a comprehensive, advanced, and well maintained integrated security system. Our consulting and planning phases typically involve identifying your project goals, conducting site surveys or security audits, performing risk assessments, developing an action plan, and recommending innovative solutions.


The initial consultation for a project can in many cases be the most critical component to ensuring a successful end result. As a business partner, S3I can plan and conduct site surveys, perform risk assessments, and develop a plan of corrective action for their clients. We will take into account your business operation, the working conditions present in your location, and potential future needs. The following are some of S3I’s standard services provided in consultation and planning:

  • Conduct Site Surveys
  • Identify Project Goals
  • Perform Risk Assessments
  • Establish Budgets for Funding
  • Recommend Innovative Technology Solutions
  • Provide Security Audits
  • Develop Priorities and Schedules
  • Develop Action Plans

Once we fully understand your priorities and needs, we can start to develop the right plan of action for a solution that addresses all of your needs and fits your budget.